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E Learning App


I need an elearning app for learning Java OOP, not something too bit, it won’t be a comercial app, it will be just for educational demonstration.

The app should work like this:
First the user needs to create an account. After they create an account they will need to take a short quiz in order to find their experience level. (*I will detail how the quiz should work)

Based on the start up quiz, the user will be put in one of the three experience categories (beginner, intermediate and advanced)

Each category will have different learning materials structured in chapters and lessons. After every chapter the user must pass a test in order to go the next chapter. The app should track the user progress (showing them what chapters they completed and the test results.
For example, if a beginner user will complete all test for their category they will move to the next experience category (intermediate in this case). Same for intermediate category.

The app should also have a retest section. In order to do that, the app should „remember” the tests that users didn’t perform so good. So the app will suggest the user what chapters they need to go through again and also test.

Programming language: preferable Java or JavaScript.

As I said, I don’t need something too fancy, just an app to work like it’s suposed to.

For an idea how the app should work visit https://www.sololearn.com/User/Login/?ReturnUrl=%2fPlay%2fJava%2f

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