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Creanga Alexandru C++ Software Engineer and Native HTML CSS and JS web developer
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I am a young and experimented software developer mainly using C++ for software development. The reason for learning programming is because it was my passion since a very young age, and C++ is one of the most balanced languages out there, combining speed and very many options to choose from

My experience about software development/engineering is about two year’s worth of experience with this programming language, time in which I learned:

  • Basic data structures
  • Pointers
  • References
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Polymorphism
  • Simple DirectMedia Library (SDL) API
  • Windows API
  • (Some) Multi-Threading

I am always looking for challenges to tackle when it comes to engineering capable, durable and reliable software of any size and difficulty

Choosing me as software developer will bring you:

  • Attention to every line of code written
  • Clean and readable code written by a perfectionist
  • Fast responsiveness in communication
  • Patient debugging 
  • Program performance

Programming languages knowledge as follows: C++ (Expert), JavaScript (Average+), Java and C# (Only theory), Assembly (Very basic)

This is a short resume, and I will gladly tell you more during the interview

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