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Profilul lui Tester Solid

Tester Solid Automation QA Tester & Scripting Expert
7 ani experienta 0 proiecte lucrate Bucuresti
0USD earned
Software DeveloperSoftware TesterTester / QAUI/IAUsability Tester
  1. Experienced Quality Assurance (QA) and User Acceptance Tester (UAT)
  2. Passion for:
    • web testing (Javascript, Node.js, soapUI, Postman, REST API)
    • automation testing (iplabel Newtest Robot, Selenium)
    • software test robots
    • Robotic Process Automation (UiPath)
    • scripting (PowerShell, VBScript, bash)
    • small jobs in  Java / Python / C++ / SQL / Visual Basic .Net / VBA / Excel
  3. Good eye for layout, User Interfaces (UI), User Experience (UX), Front End & subtil details:

    Can offer sound advice regarding the “Why” behind projects and products.
    I’ve seen too many products / websites / articles / projects which lack meaning, essence and deeper understanding.

  4. Here to help and become better.
    Efficient and focused on the task.

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