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I would be very glad to take part in the project you may need to develop. My experience stands in few months of intensive preparation in: Persuasive Writing, Headline Copywriting, Blog Post Copywriting, SEO basic knowledge, Landing Page Copywriting, Email Copywriting, Ad Content, Video Scripts Creation, LinkedIn Audience Building and Digital Advertising. 

Afterwards, I started to work with the theory and managed to create some bad-ass content (that you may find below , in English or Romanian, as you prefer). 

Not going to say I am the best, but for sure I am the smartest choice you may do, as I will give everything in order to complete the tasks you need, with professionalism and involvement.  

Regardless to say I rock with grammar, both in English and Romanian.  

PM me for more messages and have a great day!

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Experiente de munca

  • Insurance Consultant

    Grawe Romania

    iulie 2020 - Acum

    -Creating and administrating my own social media page;
    -Adapting to all the marketing updates daily;
    -Ability to negotiate with very important customers;
    -Using and improving of persuasive writing in order to attract the clients;
    -Creating long and short-time strategies for attracting the customers.

  • Assistant Manager

    Pop Academy

    august 2020 - Acum

    -Taking care of the company image and making sure is well promoted.
    -Coming up with fresh ideas daily for attracting the customers;
    -Administrating the social media pages;
    -Welcoming the customers and creating a bond with them;
    -Solving problems with a positive attitude.


  • Gigital Marketing


    ianuarie 2021 - ianuarie 2021

    Deep understanding of social media tools and updates.
    -Abilities to create a great content;
    -Knowledge of copywriting skills and tools;
    -Able to work with email copywriting;
    -Basic knowledges of ad, video script and landing pages;
    -Ability to create a link building;


  • Babes-Bolyai


    octombrie 2013 - iunie 2017