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Ciușca Gheorghe C# Developer(Game Development)
1 an experienta 0 proiecte lucrate Tg. Mures
8.00USD /hr 0USD earned
Expert ITSoftware TesterStudent/masterand

As a programmer the first thing you should have is a clear mind, cause if you take this from my perspective programming is all about clearity and making things simple, easy and convenient.
“Simple looks good !.”
The first thing is logic, and logic arrives when you are clear in your thoughts. Finding patterns in different real life scenarios.
“Be Realistic !.”
Programming is all about teaching the system how it must perform which can be never accomplished unless you have proper region to think.
“Be Good at Research !.”
To develop a masterpiece you need to spend time attain levels of knowledge which will take time.
“Never Give Up !.”
When you think it’s not going to work out as expected and you have wasted your time, just remember
“If you don’t make it big, You wont make it big.”
Last but not the least when it’s all done just a touch up is left. Still look, what you made, there can be multiple things added up to it to enhance it’s performance.
“You dint came this far just to come this far!”
Now that you know my imagination about programmers, you can give me programming-based tasks, and best on games development, such as code repairs, code implementation, and more.
Besides these abilities, I also know the Russian language I studied for 8 years. I can make translations, text corrections, and even make some Russian theses.
Likewise, I know the computer perfectly, can do projects in Office (Power Point, Excel, Word …). Resolves system issues and administration issues.

I hope I can help!!!

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  • C# Developer(Game Developer - Unity3D)

    EduSoft S.R.L. - (Editura Edu)

    mai 2017 - Acum


  • IT Engineer

    ULIM (RM)

    august 2013 - iunie 2017