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Beatrice F. Preda

Business Attorney, Bucharest

phone: +40748013636




Over 13 years’ experience in consultancy, strategic catchment management, expertise in multi-disciplinary projects.

  • Leading and delivering small or components of large, complex client engagements that identify, design, and implement creative business and technology solutions for companies, effectively managing the team and day-to-day relationships to ensure high performance is delivered

  • Performing activities across the M & A life cycle from pre due-diligence identifying and quantifying transaction risks and opportunities around complex M & A and Restructuring engagements

  • Advising clients on a large number of engagements across industries and geographies and support them with re-usable tools and assets that minimize risk and accelerate value capture.

  • Providing advisory services on the broad enterprise-wide integration efforts including change management, organization design, culture, workforce transition and leadership.









Educational Institution



Bachelor of Foreign Language & Linguistics

Foreign Langiages

University of Craiova, RO



Bachelor of Laws


University of Craiova, RO












Ministry of Justice

Certified English Italian Translator




Ministry of Justice

Certified AEGRM Agent




Italian Embassy in Bucharest

Certified Lawyer














2009 – 2012

Attorney at Law, Legal Department

Adevarul Holding, RO


2007- present

Attorney at Law, Managing Partner

BFP Law Office, RO


2004 – 2007

Commercial Department Coordinator

Hyundai Auto Romania, RO


1998 – 2001

English Teacher

R.G. National College, RO









Hyunday Auto Romani


BFP Law Office


Managing Parner – BFP Law Office

  • Joined the corporate /commercial team and interacted with and support various groups across the Clients Companies, with a primary focus on securities, corporate governance, M&A and equity issues. Reported to the Associate General Counsel, providing counsel on corporate governance matters and supporting Board of Directors and Committees, including preparation for Board and Committee meetings, preparing, managing and implementing corporate governance and related policies and preparing, managing and implementing corporate policies.

  • Provided support for M&A transactions, including working with Corporate Development on deal structure planning and assisting in due diligence, drafting and negotiating deal agreements, and actively managing deal process and execution. Provide support on real estate, corporate, commercial and other transactions and special project.

  • Delivered practical assessments and advice to help companies manage labour law risks in their day -to -day operations, as well as in relation to complex restructuring and M&A transactions.

  • Adviced on collective labour law matters, negotiate with works councils and labour unions and assist in resolving complex litigation matters.

  • Assisted on covering a broad range of employment and labour law issues, including: compliance employment contracts executive employment contracts, transfers and mobility employment disputes, incl uding pre -litigation advice and mediation labour relations work councils, labour unions employee benefits pensions, personal data protection and privacy issues sensitive investigations termination, collective redundancies restructuring.

  • Assisted the Clients throughout the project life cycle of complex infrastructure and construction projects, including all stages of development and delivery and extends to financing and disputes under all forms of construction contracts

  • Served the Clients ranging from major contractors to promoters, leading developers, funders, purchasers, tenants and occupiers among others.

  • Structured, drafted, negotiated and advised on a wide range of matters from standard commercial contracts, to complex, high value transactions and cutting-edge business initiatives; provides day-to-day corporate and business law counselling; administers and resolves legal issues that arise in existing commercial relationships; legal review of procedural and government compliance issues.

  • Managed all litigations that the Clients and their businesses were involved in including identifying counsels, drafting and reviewing petitions, coordinating with the Counsels for effective representation and maintaining update to date status of the litigations. Handled complex legal issues, understanding business and its dynamics and applying legal knowledge to offer solutions to business.

  • Supported the Clients business in various new initiatives including setting up of new Units/ entities, arranging due diligence, advising on structuring, contract negotiation and contract review, advising on licence requirements and supporting in securing requisite licences and permissions.

  • Provided legal assistance to Human Resources team for employment matters and contract drafting for employment and other relating matters.

  • Prepared & sent legal notices to Clients IP infringers, filing of legal or civil case against debtors defaulting payments,

  • Coordinated with Legal consultant / liasioning agencies in other countries for legal cases, disputes resolutions and preparation of contracts with Partners as per local laws.

  • Provided Counsel and Assistance to IT Department on software licensing, anti-infringement and anti-piracy compliances

  • Coordinated with Management for consultation and strategic direction with Compliance and IT for Governance, Risk, Audit and Compliance relating to

  • Information and Privacy Compliance across India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, France and UAE and other international areas where business exists

  • Legal Document Repository – Manage and oversee the Company’s commercial contracting purposes, including contract forms and legal contracts repository.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders and account owners / departments to educate internal stakeholders on compliance, legal and data protection requirements and to continuously promote a culture of compliance, integrity and data protection internally.

  • Provide Counsel, Assistance and Support in creation of structures and environment for ethical and legal compliances and support enforcement of global compliance policies that are applicable across multiple business units

  • Proactively initiated proposals for cost reduction and identified appropriate benchmarks to measure efficiency – an optimum balance between cost efficiency and effectiveness

  • Managing the relationship, and working closely with, the in-house legal teams for a variety of corporate brands, in connection with a broad range of documents, including licence agreements, manufacturing agreements, representation agreements, trademark authorisation letters, termination letters, and breach letters; ensuring the timely and accurate issuing and execution of such agreements/documents;



2004 – 2007




2013 – 2014

2014 – 2016

2017 – 2018

2018 – present



Directing global cross-functional teams in implementing Adevarul Holding new expanding strategy:

  • Chisinau –registration of Adevarul Moldova in accordance with applicable law

  • Research Business Practices

  • Study Cultural Differences

  • Understand the Country’s Political Climate

  • Local Guidance

  • Local authorities and private institutions: banks, city hall, local transporters, warehouses and offices, head hunting of the new Editorial and Selling Team, national distributors.

Directing global cross-functional teams in implementing Adevarul Holding new strategy on cost efficient work: Remote work Project Proposal & Implementation – on the following key points:

  • Remote work can increase worker productivity.

  • It drives employee efficiency.

  • It lowers stress and boosts morale.

  • It reduces employee turnover.

  • It decreases real estate costs and overhead.

  • It often leads to greater employee engagement.

  • It positively impacts the environment.

  • It meets demands of younger workers

  • It’s driving workplace transformation.

  • Employees are working remotely more often.

  • It keeps older workers in the workforce longer.

Directing global cross-functional teams in implementing Adevarul Holding new expanding strategy:

  • Merger & Acquisition of Historia Publishing House, in charge with te entire process of purchaing the Publishing House: Due Diligence Buying, Execution and Implementation of the strategy:

  • In charge with implementing Historia application available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Directing global cross-functional team in implementing Adevarul Holding new expanding strategy:

  • Merger & Acquisition of Radio City FM – new name Click FM

  • Launching Adevarul TV- online


Directing global cross-functional teams in implementing Winsoltechnology, Lecce, Italy the new expanding strategy in RomaniaProject Manager Solar PV Plant – Giurgiu County:

  • Managed internal and external teams including construction consultants, external architects and contractors through attending client meetings, project meetings both internal and on site and dealing with associated tasks and issues;

  • Planned all construction operations and schedule intermediate phases

  • Managde and Enforce Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Contracts and Contractors


Directing global cross-functional teams in implementing Leveranofiori, Italy the new expanding strategy in Romania – National Retail Sales Manager- developing the national network of selling points within Carrefour Hypermarkets ( 28 selling points)


  • Developed and implemented strategic sales plans to accommodate corporate goals.

  • Played an active role in forecasting activities

  • Actively pursueed new account opportunities and provided new targets on self and team

  • Spent up to 50% of time in field ( 35) employees)

  • Built partnerships and worked collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives

  • Built Effective Teams: strong-identity teams that appled their diverse skills

  • Cultivated Innovation: Creating new and better ways for the organization to be successful.



Directing global cross-functional teams in implementing JBA Consulting – Ireland the new expanding strategy in Romania


  • Performed a “Deep Dive” Due Diligence

  • Developed a Strategy and Business Plan

  • Established a Beachhead Team.

  • Product Readiness

  • Organizational Readiness

  • Established a Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Legal Readiness

  • Tax and Finance Readiness

  • Prepared Budget Preparation

  • Established Close Relationships with Local Businesses



Corporate Maintenance & International Commerce practice including international legal advice


  • Global mindset and working closely with the CEO to evaluate and prioritise new market opportunities, while weighing the legal/operational risks and benefits of each potential venture

  • Analysis of future destinations for international expansion including market sizing, competitive analysis, regulations, payments etc.

  • Performed valid and reliable market research while translating data into summaries and analysis with conclusions that delivered on objectives and supported proactive advice

  • Competitor monitoring

  • Valued based pricing/margin analysis

  • Developed roadmaps and timelines for global expansion

  • Developed and unify launch plans across multiple teams, including partnerships, marketing, product, operations, and legal

  • Set up operations including company registration, licensing, regulatory, legal, establishing first office etc.

  • Performed market studies to understand the market’s personality, economic feasibility, market trends, financial cost patterns and market forecasts

  • Reviewed aspects such as Legal and regulatory barriers and foreign government consideration

  • Provided commercially-focused legal advice to all parts of the business

  • Built processes and procedures to facilitate the company’s ability to influence on a global scale

  • Provided legal advice and guidance on compliance with regulations as it relates to the operation around the world

  • Prepared comments to proposals, and other operating agreements and memoranda of understanding

  • Liaised with government regulatory bodies and administrative agencies

  • Drafted, negotiated and provided guidance related to regulatory requirements relating to supplier/ quality/ manufacturing/retail agreements

  • Advised and consulted with all levels of the organization including senior leadership to identify critical legal issues, assess potential legal options, and provided individuals and teams with an analysis and range of possible legal solutions

  • Provide consultancy support for citizenship and residence procedures for foreign countries citizens: applications and procedures of work permits, residence permit and regarding citizenship,

  • Offered trade, lobbying and communications support through the complex network of regulation, legislation and standards that govern global policy making;



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